As you stumble toward achieving your professional goals, people will often remind you, "there are nine ways to skin a cat." And in the middle of all that hustle, do you ever stop and wonder why everyone is chill about cat skinning?

The Mmm...letter is a weekly audio column that dares to explore the intersection of culture, business, and morality in today's narcissistic professional environment.
It is written and produced by Stanley Bogode, a self-published author, software developer, online educator, designer, deep thinker, tantric sex guru, space pirate, Bollywood star, and person who, like you, is occasionally full of crap.
If you like to laugh as you cry, or cry as you laugh, check out Stanley's, The Mmm...letter.

Here are some of The Mmm…letter’s greatest hits.

The Mmm...letter
The Curse of The Discount Cliff
Today’s episode is brought to you by my loving wife, Simona Bogode. Without whom, the specificity of the content which follows would simply not be possible. Enjoy…
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The Mmm...letter
No Sleazing, All Pleasing
Quick Poll: If you’d like me to continue writing the book, please email me at I’d like to know how interested people are, and if not, whether I should abandon it for the time being and return to musing over whatever it is that comes across my desk – speaking of…
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The Mmm...letter
The Cost of Price
On a recent episode of The Knowledge Project Podcast, Kat Cole discusses pricing psychology, a term I had never heard. But once I understood her meaning, I recognized in it a powerful idea. Pricing psychology is the study of how price acts as a positioning attribute. When we consider what to buy and when to buy it, price tells us as much critical informat…
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Stanley is a product developer, author, marketer, husband, step-dad, grouch, and proud father of two Shih Tzus; idiots both.